NOW OPEN ON Franklin Street!

Hello and thank you for checking us out!  


The concept and ideas behind Ms. Mong began long before its birth in Franklin Street.  Co-owners Alex Kim and Isaac Park had been in the Mongolian barbecue business many years separately before they had met.  In fact, some may say that they were rivals.  Then one fateful day the two actually befriended one another and found they shared much more in common than similar style restaurants.  On top of realizing that the other wasn't such a bad guy, they also discovered that they both had the same vision for the evolution of traditional Mongolian BBQ.  Years later, fate intervened again and the opportunity for the two to catalyze this ambition presented itself.  They went for it.  With a combined 25 years of experience, insight, and bravado in their holsters, the two friends teamed up together to bring you Ms. Mong!


Ms. Mong is not your typical Mongolian BBQ eatery.  Ms. Mong aims to be everything you love about traditional Mongolian stir-fry and dares to take it a couple steps further.  We would even be so bold as to say that we can no longer be classified as Mongolian BBQ but more of a carefully thought out infusion of different regional flavors across the Earth. Ms. Mong is a fine tuned, compact, and contemporary take on the traditional Mongolian BBQ institution.   Some of what we would like to bring to your palette is better quality vegetables through organic and locally grown produce as well as better quality proteins.  Those with dietary restrictions may be pleased to see our carefully thought out vegan and gluten free menu options. Of course, we will serve our own unique rendition of the classic piled high Mongolian plate, where the guest can choose their own ingredients and sauces.  Our diners will also have the pleasure of choosing from the same selection of produce and protein and get it all stuffed inside a huge and scrumptious burrito. Ms. Mong's unique fusion burrito is packed with flavor profiles you never thought could coexist so harmoniously.  While working at our previous Mongolian restaurants we frequently found ourselves playing with our food.  Through much trial and error,we had discovered that we could make extremely tasty Banh Mi sandwiches with the ingredients found in our own kitchens.  Thus, the Mong Mi was brought onto us.  We will boast 7 different Mong Mi's to choose from: The Cali, which dons fresh avocado, egg, Mong sauced pork, and more; a vegan Mong Mi that hosts a slew of both fresh and stir fried vegetables and tofu; and a crispy pork belly Mong Mi that is made with locally grown pork, our secret aioli, and a made-in-house medley of crisp pickled veggies. Plus, other Mong Mi choices that we hope will bring you satisfaction and a smile.  BBQ, BANHMI and BURRITOS!  We are very excited to bring you our full menu as soon as we figure out how to use the internet.


Both Ms. Mong and us will try to push the boundaries of Asian eateries not only with forward thinking food but also forward thinking standards. Sustainability will be a core value of our goals as a business in the community. Recyclable and biodegradable plate-ware will only be the start to our eco-friendly mission of going green.  We will put as much locally grown and organic products in our selection as we can. We refuse to let people with any dietary limitations go hungry while still making the food tasty and healthy.  Like many of you, we are just beginning our journey and our goal is to not only impact taste buds but our beautiful Chapel hill community and precious Earth.

We hope you will welcome Ms. Mong with an open heart.