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A kumiho (pronunciation:  goo - mi - ho Hangul: 구미호; hanja: 九尾狐, literally nine tailed fox) is a creature that appears in the oral tales and legends of Korea.  It can freely transform, among other things, into a beautiful woman often set out to seduce men, and eat their liver or heart (depending on the legend).

Every Friday and Saturday at 10 o' clock PM, we draw the curtains at Ms. Mong. The walls illuminate, the music fills the negative space, and the flair of Asian fusion cuisine takes over our kitchen and your palate. We want to provide a unique escape where our guests can come socialize comfortably in a casual but captivating environment.  


Our drink menu consists of a wide array of Sake and the staple Korean spirit: Soju.  We have a great selection of Sake and Soju cocktails, mixed drinks and other adult beverages.  Our beer selection is chosen from select regions all over Asia and we have an extensive liquor selection for one's responsible enjoyment.


We invite you to enjoy our afterhours transformation - you will experience a setting unique to Franklin Street, where you can be embraced by the flavors, colors, and music of Little Tokyo, Ktown and Chinatown. You will find yourself amidst the company of fellow thrillseekers, in a place where you can chill out, socialize, connect, listen, and love. 


Reservations email : msmongrestaurant@gmail.com


The musical development team aims to bring you a carefully crafted musical soundscape.  The DJs will bring to you the music you like plus the music you need.  The sound system is  warm, rich, and flaunted at a volume that will be complimentary to your experience.

The music will be provided by:

disqo volante



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